I start all my clients with a free phone consultation (10-15 minutes). This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and for me to get to know a little about what brings you to therapy and whether or not I'll be the right fit for you. Then, if you wish to proceed, we can schedule an in-person consultation.

Initial consultation for adult individuals (50 minutes): $185

Initial consultation for couples (70 minutes): $245

Initial consultation for adolescents (with family members present) (70 minutes): $245

Group consultation (50 minutes): $185 (this is solely the screening fee, not the fee for group sessions)

After we meet, I will make recommendations based on my impressions about how to proceed. In addition to therapy, my recommendations often include supplemental reading, outside programs and additional therapeutic models that I believe will enhance your therapy experience. How often you and I meet, and for how many sessions, is something that differs from person to person based on time, resources, and willingness.